3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress 2015

Over 175 attendees working within single cell genomics and transcriptomics

Over 25 case studies, presentations and panel discussions

2 interactive streams:

  • Single Cell Genomics & Transcriptomics
  • Single Cell Analysis Technology

14 pre-scheduled one to one meetings, exhibition and informal networking opportunities

Oxford Global Conferences are proud to present the 3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress, taking place on the 13th and 14th of October 2015 in Singapore.

Thanks to the advances in NGS and whole genome amplification technology, scientists can begin to uncover and analyse the differences between single cells. Researchers are clear that these differences have crucial implications for our health, how we are affected by disease and our response to medicine. This two day congress will bring together experts from Asia, Australasia, Europe and the USA to discuss how to fully exploit the potential of single cell analysis.

Day 1 of the event covers all aspects of single cell genomics, with opportunities to discuss such issues as how to improve the length and accuracy of transcriptome assembly and eliminate statistical noise from analysis. There will also be case studies demonstrating the utility of single cell analysis in diagnostics, with a focus on cancer and tumour research.

Day 2 will see our expert speakers discussing the latest innovations in single cell analysis technology. Presentations will cover all stages of the single cell analysis workflow, including sample preparation technology, improved methods for single cell isolation, reducing the footprint of analysis instruments and improved cell imaging and data visualization technology.

The 3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis Asia Congress will be co-located with the 5th Annual Next Generation Sequencing Asia Congress

Oxford Global Next Generation Sequencing Series

The 3rd Annual Single Cell Analysis Congress forms part of Oxford Global’s highly successful NGS Series. For details of other upcoming courses in the series, please see below:

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